DLCC Women's League Play

The May 21st Women's League Matches were cancelled due to the rainy weather.  These Matches will need to be made up outside the normal league play before matches resume on Monday, June 4th.  (No league matches on Memorial Day, May 28th).  Check with the Pro Shop when you would like to make up these matches. 

The May 14th matches were also rained out and have been rescheduled and will be played on Monday, July 2nd which is the only open Monday left on the calendar before Labor Day.

The schedule of matches as passed out will be followed so the next matches are as follows for June 4th:

10 vs 13; 1 vs 5; 3 vs 18;

6 vs 17; 8 vs 15; 7 vs 16;

11 vs 12; 2 vs 4; 9 vs 14.




Monday, May14th = RAIN OUT, Next match is 5-21-18 on schedule.

Team #1 = Kristy Acker-Anne Carlson                                 Team #10 = Shelly Washabaugh-Lori Crysler

Team #2 = Marcia Madden-Michelle Tanner                        Team #11 = Deb Pickens-Vicki Konkle

Team #3 = Katie Steiner-Kristen Dembowske                      Team #12 = Feef Dillon-Kari Obrinske

Team #4 = Mari Lin Pettit-Susie Backofen                            Team #13 = Pam Shafer-Marcy Wright

Team #5 = Jill Skinner-Sue Steward                                     Team #14 = Patti Grimes-Colleen Ryan

Team #6 = Shari Babbitt-Jeanne Mathie                               Team #15 = Wendy Lake-Lorna Gonzales

Team #7 = Mandie Smith-Summer Goodnol                         Team #16 = Jadine Jenkins-Judy Viaches

Team #8 = Michelle Plassman-Marguerite Davenport           Team #17 = Karen Hill-Joanne Desy

Team #9 = Jane Helberg-Nan Hibler                                      Team #18 = Stephanie Haas-Kathy Shaw


Substitute List: (If you know someone who would like to be added please advise the Pro Shop)

Lisa Sowers 269-377-5901




For league schedules, statistics and more please click the link provided below.

Duck Lake Country Club League Page